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Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips is a way to facilitate the use of galaxy s2, using these tips you can know the secret codes and hidden features in samsung s2.

samsung galaxy s2 menu Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips

Ok using the tips and tricks below you will be able to find many hidden features in the galaxy s2 and Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips

Adjust Screen Brightness Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips

The large touch screens often represent the highest consumption of energy in touchscreen phones, and often we are adjusting their brightness to either run out or to reduce battery consumption.

Now, instead of using the power management options within the settings menu, there is a smart shortcut that can be reached from any application or phone menu you can adjust the brightness: Sonten finger on the bar been at the top of the screen and slide to the right to increase, counterclockwise to decrease the brightness of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Secret Code

With Samsung Galaxy S2 secret code, we can access the functions of the phone’s internal testing and although there is much to see, worth a try if you want to check whether all the pixels are operational, see all the data from the accelerometer, magnetic proximity sensor back and forth. Finally, the code is: * # 0 * #

Samsung Galaxy S2 Calendar and Contacts

Enter the keypad from application and wrote in the first issues and Samsung S2 Galaxy will make a cross reference to your calendar and Contacts suggesting who are trying to call.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Call Back

When you finish a call, if you see on the screen you will notice that you have the option to re-dial, video call or send a text message to the last person with whom you communicate.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Quick Call

Slide your finger left to call a contact immediately. You can also slide right to open a text message window.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Screengrabs

Screengrabs is a very widespread in smartphones android, this allows you to take a snapshot of what is currently displayed on your phone. The Galaxy S2, naturally, has the property and call the function just press the start button in the middle, while the power button on the right side. You will hear a shutter sound and picture appear in the gallery. !

Samsung Galaxy S2 Task Manager

Holding the home button for a few seconds will open the task manager or administrator of Tares, from which have direct access to recently used applications. You’ll also find a link to the task manager, where you can close any application you do not need and stretch the battery life a little more.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Flight mode

Holding the power button for several seconds with the option to turn off the phone, you can quickly switch to airplane mode, cutting off the 3G and WiFi connections

Samsung Galaxy S2 Search

As you can see, the Samsung S2 Galaxy has only two buttons Android with your start button, is missing the search button, however this option is available, and to access it you just have to hold the menu button on the left.

Enable Keyboard Swype in Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung has included the Swype keyboard for free, it is an innovative new type of keyboard you can learn the way you write, saving much time, especially if you write with one hand.

To activate the keyboard Swype, once you can see the keyboard, you have to hold down the ‘cog’ in the corner, then you can select input method Swype.

Change the font Samsung Galaxy S2

To do this simply go to settings, display, screen display and select the font style.

Lock screen for video Samsung Galaxy S2

If you’re tired of your phone is off during the playback of long videos, just press the power button and you can lock the screen, press it again to unlock it.

Larger players Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips

One of the best features of the Android phones is the ability to add more widgets to the screen, which displays more information than an icon, like weather forecasts, calendar and music playlist.

If you change the size of these, just rest your finger on these and then solarlo without moving, then you will see a yellow box that allows you to stretch and adjust to fit the screen.

It works on most of their own widgets from Samsung, but you can find the likes of Spotify are less likely to have tinkered with their size.

Movement Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips

The S2 Galaxy has several configurations of movement, and access these you have to go to the configuration menu. One our favorites is ’round’, which allows you to mute the phone during the call, useful if you’re in the middle of a conversation or in a place that appreciates silence.

For its part, the function ‘Tilt’ function using two fingers to keep an image or a webpage, and arching the phone near or far, acting as a zoom function.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Direct access to Apps

If you are not satisfied with the four application shortcuts that are at the bottom of the phone screen, you can change them.

To do this you have to play in applications in the lower right corner, then tap the menu button to the left of physical main phone button and then you can rearrange the four “major” applications and rearrange all the applications on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S2 House cunning

The high-range in the Galaxy S2 also has some hidden features, for example you can use the volume keys to act as zoom, while holding down the menu button lets you customize all the features of the camera is in the screen.

Well, that was a few Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips. You can also find helpful tips to see the video above. if you have other tips and tricks for the galaxy s2, share it by commenting on this post. if this post useful, please share it with your friends. Good luck

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  1. MichelleJanuary 6, 2012 at 10:51 pmReply

    Thanks for the great tips! I am waiting for my new galaxy 2 to arrive. A switching from an iPhone. Really looking forward to a change. Mostly am happy to be able to have widgets on the home screen especially having a calendar. That is one thing I don’t like about the iPhone , not being able to see my calendar on the home screen.

    Anyway thanks again. So excited about getting my phone!


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